Wizard and Debugging Modes

=== Wizard and Debugging Modes ===

There are two ways of fiddling with the game: Wizard mode and debugging
mode. Both mark your savefile and prevent your character from making
the high score list. You will be warned when you enter wizard or
debugging mode and will have to confirm that you really wish to do so
by pressing 'y' at the appropriate prompt.

=== Wizard mode ===

Wizard mode does nothing else except keep your character alive, provide
verbose information on all damage you do to monsters, and explain why
an object disappears. To enter wizard mode, hold down the ctrl key and
press 'w'.

=== Debugging mode ===

Debugging mode is a bit more useful. To enter debug mode for the first
time, hold down the ctrl key and press 'a', and respond yes to the
warning and question the game provides you with. Any command you type
immediately after holding down the ctrl key and press 'a' will be
processed as a debug command. The debug commands are:

"ESC": Cancel the debug prompt.
'"': Generate spoliers on artifacts, objects and monsters.
'a': Cure everything that ails you.
'b': Asks you for a target on screen, and takes you there.
'c': Create any object. This command brings up a screen to choose a
     general object kind, then a screen to select a specific object.
'd': Detect everything.
'e': Edit character's internal statistics, experience, and gold.
'f': *Identify* an object.
'g': Uses a command count to generate that many good or better quality
     objects. May take a command count.
'h': Rerolls all your level bonuses to base hitpoints, and displays a
     figure indicating how they compare to the average (the life
'i': Identify an object.
'j': Jump to any level.
'k': Display some screens of information about the player.
'l': Learn about all objects with a generation level less than or equal
     to the command count. Requires a command count.
'm': Magic map the local area.
'n': Use the command count to summon the monster with that index.
     Requires a command count.  Consult r_info.txt for monster
'o': Tweak an object's quality, pval, bonuses to Skill, Deadliness,
     and armour class, and quantity. Don't forget to 'a'ccept the
     changes when done. This command also allows you to roll up a very
     large number of objects, and find out how good your object is
     compared to others of its type.
'p': Phase door.
'q': Marks current quests as completed.
'r': Recieve Chaos Patron gift/punishment. A command count may be used
     used to specify which gift you wish to recieve. For a list, go to
     the Chaos Patron spoiler page, and start from the first entry of
     the 'What can they do?' section, starting with one.
's': Use the command count to try summoning that many random monsters
     or monster groups. May take a command count.
't': Teleport.
'u': Ultimate mapping - Illuminate EVERY square on the level.
'v': Uses a command count to generate that many excellent or better
     quality objects. May take a command count.
'w': Fully wizard-light the level, including vaults.
'x': Add the command count to player experience, or double current
     experience and add one. May take a command count.
'z': Either use maximum sighting range or a command count to remove
     all monsters up to that range. May take a command count.
'A': Prints your current alignment.
'C': [To be completed].
'F': do_cmd_wiz_feature. Takes a command count.
'H': Summons a group of similar creatures(never OOD).
'M': Get a Mutation. Use the commmand count to specify a mutation.
'N': Summon a pet. Must use command count to specify index # of pet.
'Z': All the monsters on the level vanish (not killed).
'_': Debugs the monster flow code.
'@': Activates a python script of your choice. (For future use).

To enter a command count: type '0', enter the number desired, and press
enter. When prompted for a command, hold down the ctrl key and type
'a', then immediately enter a debug command.

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