General Information

=== General Information ===

This document gives a brief introduction to Zangband. You will probably
want to browse through all the "help files", especially the sections on
available commands (see command.txt [1] and commdesc.txt [2]), before
beginning any serious adventuring...

=== An Overview ===

The game of Zangband is a single player dungeon simulation. A player
may choose from a number of races, classes and magic realms when
creating a character (see charattr.txt [3]), and then "run" that
character over a period of days, weeks, even months. Deep down inside,
the real objective of the game is to increase your experience, and
certain other characteristics, and also to collect useful items, to
give you a decent chance against the great Serpent of Chaos, who lurks
somewhere in the depths of the dungeon.

The player will begin his adventure on the town level where he may
acquire supplies, weapons, armor, and magical devices by bartering with
various shop owners. After preparing for his adventure, the player can
descend into the dungeon where fantastic adventures await his coming!

--- Winning The Game ---

Once your character has killed Oberon, who lives on level 99 (4950') in
the dungeon, a magical staircase will appear that will finally allow
you to reach level 100. The Serpent of Chaos lurks on this level of his
dungeon, and you will not be able to go below his level until you have
killed him. Try to avoid wandering around on level 100 unless you are
ready for him, since it has a habit of coming at you across the
dungeon, to slay you for your impudence.

The Serpent of Chaos cannot be killed by some of the easier methods
used on normal creatures. The Serpent of Chaos, like all other "Unique"
monsters, will simply teleport away to another region of the level if
you attempt to use a spell such as destruction is upon it. The Serpent
of Chaos, like some other monsters, cannot be polymorphed, slept,
charmed, or genocided. Magical spells like Mana Storm and Orb of
Draining are effective against it, as are some of the more powerful
weapons, but it is difficult to kill and if allowed to escape for a
time it will heal itself rapidly.

If you should actually survive the attempt of killing the Serpent of
Chaos, you will receive the status of WINNER. You may continue to
explore, and may even save the game and play more later, but since you
have defeated the toughest creature alive, there is really not much
point. Unless you wish to listen to the rumors of a powerful ring
buried somewhere in the dungeon...

When you are ready to retire, simply "commit suicide" ("^K") to have
your character entered into the high score list as a winner. Note that
until you retire, you can still be killed, so you may want to retire
before wandering into a hoard of Cyberdemons...

--- Upon Death and Dying ---

If your character falls below 0 hit points, he has died and cannot be
restored. A tombstone showing information about your character will be
displayed. You are also permitted to get a record of your character,
and all your equipment (identified) either on the screen or in a file.

Whether your character is killed or you retire victorious, it will
leave behind a reduced save file, which contains only the monster
memory (see attack.txt#MonsterMemory [4]) and your option choices. It
may be restored, in which case the new character is generated exactly
as if the file was not there, but the new player will find his monster
memory containing all the experience of past incarnations.

=== The Zangband DevTeam ===

Zangband is currently maintained by a small development team which
includes both Zangband's original creator, Topi Ylinen, and Robert
Ruehlmann who maintained and developed the game from versions 2.01d
through to 2.2.6c. Robert coordinates the efforts of the DevTeam and
is the designated project leader.

Since its inception, Zangband has developed a reputation for being more
difficult than other Angband variants and its maintainers are known for
their devious and contrary natures. The DevTeam neither confirms nor
denies its intention to live up to this perception.

=== Zangband on the Web ===

--- zangband.org ---

Zangband.org is the official Zangband website. It contains links to the
latest source code and binary downloads as well as documentation,
spoilers and other useful and fun zangband-related pages.

--- Sourceforge.net ---

The DevTeam recently moved its cvs repository to sourceforge.net. This
also allows us to make use of sourceforge.net's excellent utilities
including bug tracking, 3rd-party patch submission, mailing lists, etc.
If you want to follow zangband's development closely, you should get
a user account with sourceforge and visit our project site located at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/zangband/ frequently.

--- FTP Sites ---

Zangband sources and executables are uploaded regularly to the official
Angband ftp site (ftp://clockwork.dementia.org/angband/). Zangband
files are located in the ./Variant/ZAngband/ subdirectoy.

--- ZangbandTk ---

ZangbandTk is a graphical Windows port of Zangband which adds several
new features and a very nice interface to Zangband. If you use Windows,
you may want to take a look at the AngbandTk homepage which can be
found at (http://persweb.direct.ca/dbaker/angbandtk.html/). ZangbandTk
is more properly termed a variant of Zangband but, other than the
graphical interface, the differences are fairly minor. ZangbandTk is
typically only updated for official releases of Zangband and not for
the development releases. ZangbandTk is maintained by Tim Baker.

--- The Angband Newsgroup ---

The Angband newsgroup (rec.games.roguelike.angband) is a forum for the
discussion of all things relating to Angband and its variants
(including Zangband) and is a good place to ask various questions about
both game play and game design. Be sure to include '[Z]' in your
subject heading so people know your question is about Zangband.

--- #Angband IRC Chat ---

Join the #Angband IRC channel located at irc.worldirc.org. Most of the
DevTeam are regulars and sometimes we're even talking about Zangband!!

=== Version Numbering System ===

Zangband uses a version numbering system similar to that of Linux. Odd
minor version numbers (for example 2.3.2) denote a development version.
Even minor version numbers (for example 2.2.7 ) denote a stable
release. The development versions are released for beta-testing and are
likely to contain bugs of varying significance.

Original   : (??)
Updated    : (??)
Updated    : Zangband DevTeam
Last update: February 19, 2001

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***** [1] command.txt
***** [2] commdesc.txt
***** [3] charattr.txt
***** [4] attack.txt#MonsterMemory

Latest News
  • August 1st, 2004
    Zangband 2.7.4c has been released! See the changes list for details.
  • December 7th, 2003
    Zangband 2.7.4b has been released! See the changes list for details.

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