Zangband Monsters

=== Zangband Monsters ===

There are hundreds of different creatures in Zangband each of which
poses a unique challenge to the adventurer. As you progress deeper into
the dungeon, the creatures will become progressively more difficult to

=== Monster Symbols ===

Many monsters have the same letter symbol and sometimes color on the
screen. The exact species or type of creature can be discovered by
'l'ooking at it (see commdesc.txt#Looking [1]). 
  a   Giant Ant                       A   Angelic being
  b   Giant Bat                       B   Bird
  c   Giant Centipede                 C   Canine
  d   Dragon                          D   Ancient Dragon
  e   Floating Eye                    E   Elemental
  f   Feline                          F   Dragon Fly
  g   Golem                           G   Ghost
  h   Humanoids                       H   Hybrid
  i   Icky-Thing                      I   Insect
  j   Jelly                           J   Snake
  k   Kobold                          K   Killer Beetle
  l   Aquatic monster                 L   Lich
  m   Mold                            M   Multi-Headed Hydra
  n   Naga                            N   (unused)
  o   Orc                             O   Ogre
  p   Human                           P   Giant Human(oid)
  q   Quadruped                       Q   Quylthulg
  r   Rodent                          R   Reptile/Amphibian
  s   Skeleton                        S   Spider/Scorpion/Tick
  t   Townsperson                     T   Troll
  u   Minor demon                     U   Major demon
  v   Vortex                          V   Vampire
  w   Worm or Worm Mass               W   Wight/Wraith
  x   (unused)                        X   Xorn/Xaren
  y   Yeek                            Y   Yeti
  z   Zombie/Mummy                    Z   Zephyr Hound
  $$   Creeping Coins                  ,   Mushroom Patch
  %   Ent, Huorn                      #   Fumes

Note that some monsters disguise themselves by assuming the shape (ie.
symbol) of common objects found in the dungeon. These include the
|, ), ?, !, &, $$ and * symbols.

=== Monster Colors ===

You can often determine some information about a monster based solely
on the color it is described as having, like 'a White Dragon'. In
general, 'White' monsters are cold-based, 'Red' are fire-based, 'Blue'
are electrical, 'Black' are acidic, and 'Green' are poisonous and a
'Multi-Hued' monster is all of these. By being cold-based, we mean that
the monster has either melee, magical or breath attacks that are cold

Unfortunately this rule is applied somewhat inconsistently and there
are several notable exceptions so don't be surprised. If that 'Green'
monster spits acid at you. Note that this rule cannot be applied to the
actual color a creature is displayed as but only to a color in its

Other color and attack-type relationships are 'Bronze' and confusion
and 'Gold' and sound. Over time the inconsistencies referred to above
will probably get cleaned up.

=== Monster Memories ===

Because there are so many monsters and because often different monsters
share similar colors and symbols, it is very difficult to keep track of
the capabilities of various creatures. Luckily, Zangband automatically
keeps track of your experiences with a particular creature.
This feature is called the monster memory. Your monster memory recalls
the particular attacks of each creature (whether or not technically a
monster) which you have suffered, as well as recalling if you have
observed them to multiply or move erratically, or drop treasure, etc.
Similary if you attack a creature with a magical attack and it resists,
that fact is noted. 

If you have killed enough of a particular creature, or suffered enough
attacks, recalling the monster memory may also provide you with
information not otherwise available, such as a armor class or hit dice.
These are not explained, but may be useful to give the relative danger
of each creature.
Your monster memory may be accessed by pressing '/' and then entering
the symbol you wish to research. Each monster with that symbol of which
you have some knowledge will displayed in turn beginning with the
deepest. Alternatively, you may enter targetting mode by pressing '*'
and, with the curser over the creature in question, press 'r' to
recall details.

The best feature about your monster memory is that it can be passed on
to a new character even after you die by means of a reduced save file.
Simply use your old savefile as the base for creating your new

=== Unique Monsters ===

The monsters in Zangband are unique in that each variety of monster
has its own set of physical and, where applicable, magical abilities.
However, some monsters in Zangband are truly unique and this group
of monsters are often referred to as "Uniques".

The Unique monsters are made unique for several reasons. Primarily,
their name derives from the fact that unlike regular monsters which
can appear numerous times during the course of a game, the Unique
monsters will never be regenerated once they have been killed and
the game will never generate two copies of the same Unique monster
at a time so that effectively there is only one of each Unique

Unique monsters are typically based on a normal monster. For example,
Tom the Stone Troll is based on the Stone Troll monster. However,
Unique monsters usually have more hitpoints, hit harder and cast
spells more effectively than the monster on which they are based.
Unique monsters are often a different color from other monsters of
their type to allow the player to more easily distinguish them but
this is not always true.

--- Uniques' Resistance to Magic ---

Unique monsters tend to be more resistant to magic than the other
dungeon inhabitants. Thus, slowing, confusing, sleeping and scaring
will be less effective and may not work at all. In addition, Genocide
and Mass-Genocide spells will never work on Uniques and *Destruction*
will teleoprt them from a level but will not kill them.

--- Keeping Track of Uniques ---

Since Unique monsters are often very difficult to defeat, most
players will attempt to kill them all before attempting to battle
the Serpent of Chaos (itself a Unique monster). This avoids the
need to battle two very difficult oponents at the same time.

Each time your character happens upon a new Unique, this is
recorded in your monster memory. Under the knowledge command ('~')
is a menu item which allows you to look at which Uniques you have
met and which of these have been defeated. It is a good idea to
check this periodically to gauge your progress.

--- Speaking Uniques ---

Occasionally, you will find that a Unique monster will speak to you
as it approaches. Typically, a monster will shout obscenities and
challenges to combat but they may also refer to events relating to
themselves. Zangband has no mechanism to allow you to respond to the
monsters (other than with violence). You may prevent Unique monsters
from speaking by changing the approopriate option under the options

--- Rewards for Killing Uniques ---

You may also find that occasionally after killing a Unique monster
that the game will tell you that the Unique was wanted for certain
crimes and you will be rewarded for killing it. The amount of the
reward is dependent upon how deep in the dungeon the relevant Unique
is normally found.

=== Eldritch Horrors ===

Some of the monsters in the dungeons of Zangband are so fearsome to
look upon that doing so can have serious repurcussions. When you meet
one of these sanity blasting monsters, one of several nasty things
may happen to you. These include having your intelligence and/or your
wisdom temporarily reduced, becoming scared or confused, or suffering
an attack of amnesia.

=== Pets ===

A pet can be a mixed blessing. At first sight, one might think that
they can make the game much easier. It is of course highly satisfying
to send your pet Hell Wyrm into a Troll pit and wait outside listening
for the howls of agony and terror, the sounds of guts splattering,
bones crunching and so on. But one should not expect to gain any
experience for such a combat: you will only gain experience for
creatures to whom you deliver the death blow yourself.

Secondly, your pets are often so eager to destroy your opponents that
they may forget all about you, and you get trampled under their feet
as they charge at your foe. Pets are also rather easily irritable and
once you do something which causes the slightest discomfort to them,
they will revert to their normal behavior and consider you their main
target. This is something to think about before lighting up a room if
you have pet orcs. Needless to say, nobody wants to be your friend if
you are aggravating them.

Finally, it takes a lot of mental energy to maintain the control over
the charmed monsters. The first monster or the first few are 'free',
but after that maintaining the control will start taxing your mana
regain rate. The higher the sum of the levels of your pets the less
mana you will be able to regain. Keep this in mind if you have a pet
which can summon or otherwise produce more pets...

--- Obtaining a pet ---

You may obtain pets in several different ways. Some magic realms offer
the ability to summon pets magically or to charm the creatures you
meet. Mindcrafters may 'dominate' their oponents. Chaos patrons may
grant pets as a gift to their devotees. Magical figurines can be thrown
to create a pet and wands of charm monster may be used as their name

--- Commanding Your Pets ---

Your pets are fairly well trained and will respond to a variety of
commands such as following you closely, staying nearby and searching
out your enemies. You can command your pets using the pet command menu
which can be found be pressing 'p'.

=== Friendly Monsters ===

You will occasionally find a monster in the dungeon that isn't out to
get you. Such monsters are described in game messages as being
'friendly'. A friendly monster will not attempt to hurt you but neither
will it necessarily attack your enemies.

Like pets, if you annoy a friendly monster it will turn against you.
Also like pets, any monsters a friendly monster summons will also be
friendly. Unlike pets, friendly monsters require no mana upkeep and can
not be commanded using the pet commands.

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Last update: May 25, 2001

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