The Ancient and Foul Curse (Spoiler)

=== The Ancient and Foul Curse (spoiler) ===

This page explains the effects of The Curse of Topi Ylinen, or the
'Ancient and Foul Curse'. It also describes what can invoke it.

=== What can it do? ===

There are several effects. The first six of these can 'fall
through'. If one of these effects happen, there is a 1/6 chance
that the next effect also happens. That effect could itself fall
through, etc.

After these effects, there is another 1/3 chance of starting the
whole process anew, adding more effects; unless the player has been
paralyzed or cyberdemons were summoned in which case the process

--- Fall through effects ---

4 in 27 chance: Aggravate monsters. May fall through to:
3 in 27 chance: "hi summon". Summon several strong monsters
                or groups of monsters around the player. May
                fall through to:
4 in 27 chance: Summon a monster. May fall through to:
3 in 27 chance: Loose 1/16 of your exp. May fall through to:
5 in 27 chance: Paralyze. Players with free action get a
                saving throw. Otherwise, paralyze 1d3 turns
                with free action, and 1d13 without. May fall
                through to:
3 in 27 chance: Decrease a random stat. May fall through to:
1 in 27 chance: Amnesia - forget all. No fall through.

If you don't get the fall through effects, then:

1 in 27 chance: If dungeon level is greater than 65, summon
                cyberdemons, and stop the process
2 in 27 chance: Decrease all stats. With each stat decrease,
                there's a 50% chance that it decreases again,

And then, of course, if no cyberdemons were summoned and the player
isn't paralyzed, there is a 1 in 3 chance of doing it again.

=== What can invoke it? ===

1.  Equipment that you use may have the ancient curse. Every 10
    game turns (1 normal speed player turn), there is a 1% chance
    of invoking the curse, for each object with the curse.

2.  As one of the effects of releasing wild magic when failing a
    Chaos spell.

3.  As a posible result of the Trump "Shuffle" spell.

4.  There is a trap which first summons 2+1d3 monsters, and then,
    if dungeon level is greater then 1d100, invokes the Curse.
    Each time the curse is invoked, there's a 1 in 6 chance that
    it happens again.

5.  Dying Amberites have a 50% chance of putting a Blood Curse on
    you. This curses (some of) your equipment and invokes the
    Curse 1+1d3 times.

6.  As a Chaos Patron 'reward' (either "ty curse", "wrath", or
    "piss off").
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