Chaos Patrons (Spoiler)

=== Chaos Patrons (spoiler) ===

Chaos Warriors have a chaos patron,  who will give them a present,
or  do something nasty to them each time they advance their level.
Note that if you gain multiple levels at the same time, you will
only get a reward for the first one. There are 36 different things
they can do, and 16 Chaos Patrons. Each Patron can give only some
of those rewards. The procedure of selecting a reward is in the
section 'What can they do?'.

The rewards get short names. With the Patrons are listed the powers
that they have. Then look them up in the 'What can they do?' list.
Each Patron (except Balo) also has a 'favourite stat', which is
also listed below.

=== Which Chaos Patrons are there? ===

Slortar the Old
Con; 'wrath', 'curse weap', 'curse arm', 'ruin abil', 'lose abil',
'ignore' (3x), 'poly wound', 'polymorph' (3x), 'gain abil' (2x),
'gain exp', 'good obj', 'chaos weap', 'great obj', 'augm abil' (2x).

Mabelode the Faceless
Con; 'wrath', 'curse weap', 'curse arm', 'hi summon', 'summon'.
'summon', 'ignore' (2x), 'poly wound' (2x), 'polymorph',
'heal full' (2x), 'gain abil', 'pet undead', 'chaos weap',
'good obj' (2x), 'good obs' (2x).

Chardros the Reaper
Str; 'wrath' (2x), 'hurt lot', 'piss off', 'hi summon'.
'summon', 'ignore' (2x), 'destruct', 'pet undead', 'genocide',
'mass geno' (2x), 'dispel', 'good obj', 'chaos weap' (2x),
'good obs' (2x), 'augm abil' (2x).

Hionhurn the Executioner
Str; 'wrath' (2x), 'curse weap', 'curse arm', 'ruin abil'.
'ignore' (2x), 'pet undead', 'destruction', 'genocide', 'mass
geno' (2x),'heal full', 'gain abil' (2x), 'chaos weap', 'good
obs' (2x), 'augm abil' (2x).

Xiombarg the Sword-Queen
Str; 'ty curse' (2x), 'piss off', 'ruin abil', 'lose abil'.
'ignore', 'polymorph' (2x), 'poly wound' (2x), 'genocide',
'dispel', 'good obj' (2x), 'pet monster', 'gain abil', 'chaos
weap', 'gain exp', 'augm abil', 'good obs'.

Pyaray the Tentacled Whisperer of Impossible Secrets
Int; 'wrath', 'ty curse', 'piss off', 'hi summon' (2x).
'ignore' (3x), 'poly wound', 'polymorph' (2x), 'pet demon', 'heal
full', 'gain abil' (2x), 'chaos weap', 'havoc', 'good obj', 'great
obj', 'great obs'.

Balaan the Grim
Str; 'ty curse', 'hurt lot', 'curse weap', 'curse arm', 'ruin
abil', 'summon', 'lose exp', 'polymorph' (2x), 'poly wound', 'pet
undead', 'heal full' (2x), 'gain exp' (2x), 'chaos weap', 'good
obj', 'good obs', 'great obs', 'augm abil'.

Arioch, Duke of Hell
Int; 'wrath', 'piss off', 'ruin abil', 'lose exp', 'hi summon'.
'ignore' (4x), 'polymorph' (2x), 'mass geno', 'pet demon', 'heal
full', 'chaos weap' (2x), 'good obj', 'gain exp', 'great obj',
'augm abil'.

Eequor, Blue Lady of Dismay
Con; 'wrath', 'ty curse', 'piss off', 'curse weap', 'ruin abil',
'ignore' (2x), 'polymorph' (2x), 'poly wound', 'good obj' (2x),
'pet monster', 'heal full', 'gain exp', 'gain abil', 'chaos weap',
'good obs', 'great obj', 'augm abil'.

Narjhan, Lord of Beggars
Cha; 'wrath', 'curse weap' (2x), 'curse arm' (2x), 'ignore' (3x),
'polymorph' (2x), 'poly wound', 'heal full' (2x), 'gain exp',
'augm abil', 'good obj' (2x), 'chaos weap', 'great obj', 'great

Balo the Jester
Random; 'wrath', 'pet demon', 'curse weapon', 'curse armour', 'lose
exp', 'gain abil', 'lose abil', 'poly wound', 'polymorph',
'ignore', 'destruction', 'mass geno', 'chaos weap', 'great obj',
'hurt lot', 'augm abil', 'ruin abil', 'hi summon', 'great obs',
'augm abil'.

Khorne the Bloodgod
Str; 'wrath', 'hurt lot' (2x), 'hi summon' (2x), 'ignore' (3x),
'pet monster', 'pet demon', 'polymorph', 'poly wound', 'heal full',
'good obj' (2x), 'chaos weap', 'good obs' (2x), 'great obj', 'great

Chr; 'wrath', 'piss off' (2x), 'ruin abil', 'lose abil', 'lose
exp', 'ignore' (2x), 'poly wound', 'pet demon', 'polymorph', 'heal
full' (2x), 'good obj', 'gain exp' (2x), 'chaos weap', 'gain abil',
'great obj', 'augm abil'.

Con; 'wrath', 'piss off', 'hurt lot', 'ruin abil', 'lose abil',
'lose exp', 'ignore', 'polymorph' (4x), 'poly wound', 'heal full',
'chaos weap', 'great obj', 'gain abil' (2x), 'gain exp' (2x), 'augm

Int; 'wrath', 'curse weap', 'curse arm', 'lose abil', 'ruin abil',
'lose exp', 'ignore', 'polymorph' (4x), 'poly wound', 'heal full',
'chaos weap', 'great obj', 'gain abil' (2x), 'gain exp' (2x), 'augm

Str; 'wrath', 'hurt lot', 'piss off', 'lose abil', 'lose exp',
'ignore' (2x), 'dispel', 'havoc' (2x), 'polymorph' (2x), 'gain
exp', 'gain abil' (2x), 'pet monster', 'good obj', 'chaos weap',
'great obj', 'good obs'.

=== What can they do? ===

There is a 1 in 6 chance that you will get a random mutation. If
you don't, you get one of the reward types. Each patron can give 20
rewards - not all of them different, if a reward is in his list
multiple times, that just increases the chance of getting it. The
first five in the list are considered 'nasty', the rest aren't.
Usually, a random reward is chosen from the 'nice' 15. But you may
be unlucky.

Usually, you have a 1 in 6 chance of being unlucky. If you become
level 13, however, the chance is 1 in 2. If your level is merely a
multiple of 13, it is 1 in 3. If, on the other hand, your level is
14 or a multiple of 14, the chance is only 1 in 12. If you're
unlucky, a reward is chosen randomly from the full list.

Listed with the 'short name', the powers are:

Reward      Message                          Effect
polymorph   Thou needs a new form, mortal!   Polymorphs the player
gain exp    Well done, mortal! Lead on!      Gain +50% xp, with a max
                                             of 100,000 points
lose exp    Thou didst not deserve that      Loose 1/6th of your xp
good obj    Use my gift wisely.              Create one good object on
                                             the floor
great obj   Use my gift wisely.              Create one great object on
                                             the floor
chaos weap  Thy deed hath earned a worthy    Create a (Chaotic) weapon
            blade                            on the floor
good obs    Thy deed hath earned thee a      Create 1d3 good objects on
            worthy reward                    the floor
great obs   Behold, mortal, how generously   Create 1-3 great objects
            I reward thy loyalty             on the floor
ty curse    Thou art growing arrogant        Invoke The Curse of Topi
            mortal                           Ylinen
summon      My pets, destroy the arrogant    Summons 2-6 monsters
hi summon   Thou needst worthier opponents!  Summons mulltiple nasty
havoc       Death and destruction! This      Call Chaos-random damage
            pleases me!                      and type
gain abil   Stay, mortal, and let me mold    Gain a random stat; or, 1
            thee.                            in 3 times the favorite
lose abil   I grow tired of thee, mortal     Lose a random stat; or, 1
                                             in 3 times the favorite
ruin abil   Thou needst a lesson in          Decrease all stats
            humility, mortal!
augm abil   Receive this modest gift from    Increase all stats
Poly wound  You feel the power of 'patron'   Polymorph wounds
            touch you.
heal full   Rise, my servant!                Acts like potion of life
hurt lot    Suffer, pathetic fool!           Level*4, radius 4
                                             disintegration ball
                                             centered on the player.
                                             Unfortunately, also hits
                                             you for lvl*4 hitpoints
curse weap  Thou reliest too much on thine   Like Scroll of Curse
            weapon                           Weapon
curse arm   Thou reliest too much on thine   Like Scroll of Curse Armor
piss off    Now thou shalt pay for annoying  Randomly selects one of
            me.                              the following rewards:
                                             'ty curse','hi summon',
                                             'ruin abil', 'curse weap'
                                             or 'curse arm'.
wrath       Die, mortal!                     Take 4*level damage,
                                             'ty curse', decrease all
                                             stats, 'hi summon', 'curse
                                             weap' 50% of the time, and
                                             'curse arm' 50% of the
destruct    Death and destruction! This      *Destructs* the area
            pleaseth me!                     around the player
genocide    Let me relieve thee of thine     Gives you the chance to
            oppressors!                      genocide a monster type.
                                             You don't take the normal
                                             'genocide strain' damage
mass geno   Let me relieve thee of thine     Mass genocides everything
            oppressors!                      in the neighbourhood. Do
                                             not take damage.
dispel      You can feel the power of        Hit all monsters in sight
            'patron' assault your enemies!   with 4*level damage
ignore      'Patron' ignores you.            Do nothing
pet undead  'Patron' rewards you with an     Gives you a pet undead
             undead servant
pet demon   'Patron' rewards you with a      Gives you a pet demon
            demonic servant
pet monst   'Patron' rewards you with a      Gives you a pet monster
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