Mutations (Spoiler)

=== Mutations (spoiler) ===

=== How can I get mutations? ===

1. By being a Beastman - they get one at the start of the game.
   Thereafter, every level they have a 20% chance of gaining another.
2. By casting the Chaos Spell - Polymorph Self. Polymorph self
   does 1 or 2 effects, randomly with a 3-in-14 chance of getting a
   random mutation each time.
3. By using the Polymorph Self mutation. Polymorph self does 1 or 2
   effects, randomly with a 3-in-14 chance of getting a random
   mutation each time.
4. Possible result of failing to cast a Chaos spell
5. Having your sanity blasted by an Eldritch Horror
6. Possible result of failing to cast a Death spell from the
   Necronomicon. (Chance of same effects as being blasted by an
   Eldrich Horror)
7. Being hit by Chaos or by Toxic Waste without Chaos resistance
8. By gaining a level as a Chaos Warrior as your Chaos Patron may
   grant you a mutation as a reward
9. By gaining a level if you have the mutation "Chaos deities
   give you gifts" as some Chaos patrons give random mutations
   as a level gift now and then.

Note: Not all mutations are equally likely although the variance is
small. In addition, Vampires get "hypnotic gaze" more easily than
other races, Imps gain horns slightly more often, Mindflayers are more
likely to be given tentacles, Yeeks have a good chance of getting the
"Shriek" ability and Beastmen the ability to polymorph themselves.

=== How can I get rid of mutations? ===

The only ways to *get rid of* mutation(s) are:

1. Quaffing a potion of New Life
2. One of many possible effects of casting the Trump spell - Shuffle
3. Getting another mutation that cancels the mutation out
4. Using the services of the Chaos Tower
5. The Polymorh Self spell or mutation may occasionally remove a
6. Getting the "You feel strangely normal" mutation gives a chance of
   removing mutations (including itself)

=== What do they do? ===

First of all a warning - Zangband 2.2.2d introduced a penalty for
having too many mutations. The first few are free but thereafter
your regeneration rate is reduced as further mutations are added.
Beastmen are largely exempted from this but, strangely, Chaos
Warriors are not.

There are four kinds of mutations: activatable mutations, randomly
activating mutations, 'continuous' mutations and melee-attack

--- Activatable Mutations ---

There are four important statistics for activatable mutations: (1)
the cost (in mana for spell casters and hitpoints otherwise) to use
the power gtranted by the mutation; (2) a stat which is used in
determining your chance of success; (3) the minimum level required
to use the power; and (4) the 'difficulty' of using the power.

Activatable mutations are 'activated' by pressing 'U' or 'O' from
the original and roguelike keysets respectively. Before using these
powers you must first pass a success roll. The actual calculation
of the fail rates for using the activatable powers is very messy
but a good rule of thumb is if the relevant stat is below the
difficulty (18/50 --> 18+50=68), you have little chance of success.

You can spit acid
     Cost=9, Stat=DEX, Level=9, Difficulty=15
     Fires an acid ball. Damage (level) radius 1+(level/30).

You can breathe fire
     Cost=level, Stat=CON, Level =20, Difficulty=18
     Fires a fire ball. Damage 2*level radius 1+(level/20)

Your gaze is hypnotic
     Cost=12, Stat=CHR, Level=12, Difficulty=18
     Tries to make a monster your pet. Similar to the mindcrafter
     power 'Domination' above level 30

You are telekinetic
     Cost=9, Stat=WIS, Level=9, Difficulty=14
     Move an object in line of sight to you. Max weight equal to
     (level) pounds

You can teleport at will
     Cost=7, Stat=WIS, Level=7, Difficulty=15
     Teleports the player 10+level squares

You can Mind Blast your enemies
     Cost=3, Stat=WIS, Level=7, Difficulty=15
     Damage (3+(level-1)/5)d3 - Psi damage

You can emit hard radiation at will
     Cost=15, Stat=CON, Level=15, Difficulty=14
     Fires a damage level*2 radius 3+level/20 "nuke" ball. This is
     poison damage that can also polymorph monsters

You can drain life from a foe like a vampire
     Cost=level, Stat=CON, Level=13, Difficulty=14
     Does level*2 drain life damage. Heals level+random(lvl)
     hitpoints if successful. Doesn't work on all monsters

You can smell nearby precious metal
     Cost=2, Stat=INT, Level=3, Difficulty=12
     Detects treasure

You can smell nearby monsters
     Cost=4, Stat=INT, level=5, Difficulty=15
     Detects monsters

You can teleport yourself short distances
     Cost=3, Stat=WIS, level=3, Difficulty=12
     Teleports player 10 squares

You can consume solid rock
     Cost=12, Stat=CON, Level=8, Difficulty=18
     You can eat rock with food benefit, also acts like

You can switch locations with another being
     Cost=12, Stat=DEX, Level=15, Difficulty=16
     You can exchange places with a chosen monster unless it
     resists teleportation

You can emit a horrible shriek
     Cost=14, Stat=CON, Level=20, Difficulty=16
     Fires a sound ball. Damage level*2, radius 8, centered on

You can emit bright light
     Cost=2, Stat=INT, Level=3, Difficulty=10
     Like light area spell

You can feel the danger of evil magics
     Cost=14, Stat=WIS, Level=7, Difficulty=14
     Detects cursed items in inventory

You can drive yourself into a berserk frenzy
     Cost=8, Stat=STR, Level=8, Difficulty=14
     Like quaffing a Potion of Beserk Strength

You can polymorph yourself at will
     Cost=20, Stat=CON, Level=8, Difficulty=14
     Like the Polymorph-Self spell

You can turn ordinary items into gold
     Cost=5, Stat=INT, Level=10, Difficulty=12
     Turns a non-artifact object into 1/3 its value in gold with
     an upper limit of 30,000

You can cause mold to grow near you
     Cost=6, Stat=CON, Level=1, Difficulty=14
     Summons up to 8 molds around the player

You can harden yourself to the ravages of the elements
     Cost=12, Stat=CON, Level=10, Difficulty=12
     Level dependant chance of gaining one or more of the four
     basic resistances and poison

You can bring the dungeon down around your ears
     Cost=12, Stat=STR, Level=12, Difficulty=16
     Causes a radius 10 earthquake centered on the player

You can consume magic energy for your own use
     Cost=1, Stat=WIS, Level=17, Difficulty=15
     Drains charges from magical items to replenish spell points

You can feel the strength of the magics affecting you
     Cost=6, Stat=INT, Level=6, Difficulty=10
     Displays temporary magical effects currently effecting player

You can cause mass impotence
     Cost=40, Stat=CHR, Level=20, Difficulty=18
     Prevents any breeders on current level from breeding

You can run for your life after hitting something
     Cost=12, Stat=DEX, Level=10, Difficulty=14
     Allows you to hit a monster and immediately teleport 30

You can emit confusing, blinding radiation
     Cost=15, Stat=CHR, Level=20, Difficulty=18
     Attempts to stun, confuse and terrify all monsters in sight

Your eyes can fire laser beams
     Cost=10, Stat=WIS, Level=7, Difficulty=9
     Fires light beam, damage level*2

You can travel between town and the depths
     Cost=50, Stat=INT, Level=17, Difficulty=16
     Acts like Word of Recall

You can send evil creatures directly to Hell
     Cost=25, Stat=WIS, Level=25, Difficulty=18
     Removes evil monsters in line of sight from level

You can freeze things with a touch
     Cost=2, Stat=CON, Level=2, Difficulty=11
     Frost bolt, damage level*2

You can hurl objects with great force
     Cost=lvl, Stat=STR, Level=1, Difficulty=6
     Level dependant multiplier for thrown objects ranging from x2
     to x5 at level 45

--- Randomly activating mutations ---

A check for these is made every 10 game turns (1 player turn at
normal speed). Most of these effects disturb resting, which is very

You are subject to berserker fits
     1 in 3000 chance
     Berserk Strength for 10+random(level) turns

You are subject to cowardice
     1 in 3000 chance
     Afraid for 13+random(26) turns, unless you have resist Fear,
     have heroism running, or have berserk strength running.

You are teleporting randomly
     1 in 5000 chance
     Teleport 40 squares, unless you have Anti-Teleportation,
     resist Nexus, or the voluntary teleport mutation.

Your body produces alcohol
     1 in 6400 chance
     No effect if the player has resist chaos or Confusion.
     Otherwise, 95% of the time you'll be confused for 15+1d20
     turns, and have a 1 in 3 chance of becoming hallucinating for
     150+1d150 turns. 5% of the time, you blank out, and you loose
     the map, and are teleported 100 squares. There's also a 1 in
     3 chance of getting a complete mind blank.

You have a hallucinatory insanity
     1 in 6400 chance
     Hallucinate for 20+1d50 turns, unless you resist Chaos.

You are subject to uncontrollable flatulence
     1 in 3000 chance
     Fires a poison ball centered on the player, damage (level),
     radius 3.

You are producing magical energy uncontrollably
     1 in 9000 chance
     Forces you to fire a mana ball, damage 2*level, radius 3,
     unless you have Anti-Magic. Mana is pure damage, that
     destroys items on the floor.

You attract demons
     1 in 6666 chance
     Summons a demon, unless you have Anti-Magic. The demon's
     level depends on the dungeon level. 1 in 6 chance of the demon
     being friendly.

You move faster or slower randomly
     1 in 6000 chance
     Either slows or hastes player for 10 + 1d30 turns

You sometimes cause nearby creatures to vanish
     1 in 9000 chance
     Teleports all monsters in line of sight upto 100 squares. May
     also cause a single shopkeeper to rotate if it happens in

You sometimes feed off of the light around you
     1 in 3000 chance
     Minor heal, recharge light

You attract animals
     1 in 7000 chance
     Summons an animal, unless you have anti-magic

You occasionally are surrounded with raw chaos
     1 in 8000 chance
     Chaos ball, damage=level, radius 8, centered on player,
     unless you have anti-magic

You may be mutated, but you're recovering
     1 in 5000 chance
     Removes a random mutation

You fade in and out of physical reality
     1 in 3000 chance
     Temporary wraithform, unless you have anti-magic

Your health is subject to chaotic forces
     1 in 3000 chance
     Polymorph wounds

You have a horrible wasting disease
     1 in 3000 chance
     1 in 3 chance of decreasing a random stat unless it is
     sustained. 1 in 3 chance of permanent reduction

You attract dragons
     1 in 3000 chance
     Summons a dragon, unless you have anti-magic

Your mind randomly expands and contracts
     1 in 3000 chance
     Grants temporary ESP (or removes it temporarily if you have
     it), unless you have anti-magic

You have a seriously upset stomach
     1 in 9000 chance
     Food counter is dropped to 'weak', unless you have slow

Chaos deities give you gifts
     Player gains a reward from their Chaos Patron on gaining a

You occasionally stumble into other shadows
     1 in 12000 chance
     Alter Reality

You receive warnings about your foes
     1 in 1000 chance
     Gives a 'feeling' dependant on how tough the monsters on the
     current level are

You occasionally feel invincible
     1 in 5000 chance
     Grants temporary invulnerability, unless you have anti-magic

Your blood sometimes rushes to your muscles
     1 in 2000 chance
     Spell points are converted to hitpoints for a heal

Your blood sometimes rushes to your head
     1 in 4000 chance
     Hit points are converted to spell points

You occasionally stumble and drop things
     1 in 10000 chance
     Trip taking some damage and drop your weapon

--- 'Continuous' mutations ---

You are superhumanly strong
     +4 STR

You are puny
     -4 STR

Your brain is a living computer
     +4 INT/WIS

You are moronic
     -4 INT/WIS

You are very resilient
     +4 CON

You are extremely fat
     +2 CON, -2 speed

You are albino
     -4 CON

Your flesh is rotting
     -2 CON, -1 CHR

Your voice is a silly squeak
     -4 CHR

Your face is featureless
     -1 CHR

Your appearance is masked with illusion
     Overrides your current CHR and provides a new level-dependant
     value ranging from 10 to 18/90

You have an extra pair of eyes
     +15 search

You are resistant to magic
     adds (15+level/5) to your saving throw

You make a lot of strange noise
     -3 stealth

You have remarkable infravision
     +3 infravision

You have an extra pair of legs
     +3 speed

Your legs are short stubs
     -3 speed

Electricity is running through your veins
     Grants an electricity aura. Does 2d6 electricity damage to
     any monster that hits you.

Your body is enveloped in flames
     Grants a fire aura. Does 2d6 fire damage to any monster that
     hits you. Also gives permanent light (radius 1).

Your skin is covered with warts
     -2 CHR, +5 AC

Your skin has turned into scales
           -1 CHR, +10 AC

Your skin is made of steel
     -1 DEX, +25 AC

You have wings

You are completely fearless
     Resist fear

You are regenerating

You are telepathic

Your body is very limber
     +3 DEX

Your joints ache constantly
     -3 DEX

You are protected from the ravages of time
     You take between a third and two-thirds damage and get none
     of the side effects of time attacks

You are susceptible to the ravages of the elements
     You take double damage from elemental attacks.

Your movements are precise and forceful
     +1 stealth, free action

Your body resists serious damage
     As your level increases you get the following sustains in
     this order - CON, STR, DEX, WIS, INT, CHR

--- Melee-Attack Mutations ---

You have a scorpion tail (poison, 3d7)
     Counts as weight 5 for critical hits. Doesn't actually hit
     the monster normally, but fires a poison bolt that does the
     damage. Player +to dam bonuses are added in.

You have horns (dam. 2d6)
     Counts as weight 15 for critical hits. Hits the monster.
     Player +to dam bonuses are added in.

You have a beak (dam. 2d4)
     Counts as weight 5, otherwise see horns.

You have an elephantine trunk (dam 1d4)
     Counts as weight 35 for critical hits

You have evil looking tentacles (dam 2d5)
     Counts as weight 5, double damage against evil

=== Which mutations 'cancel each other out'? ===

Gaining certain mutations may remove other ones. For example, if
you are moronic and gain "computer brain", your moronic mutation
will be gone. Later in the game, you can become a moron again, and
loose "computer brain" in the process. These cancel each other out.

A full list of mutations that cancel each other out is as follows:

1. Computer brain and moronic.
2. Puny and superhuman.
3. Iron skin and either scales,rotting flesh or warts (getting
   iron skin removes all the other three, getting one of the
   others removes iron skin).
4. Rotting flesh and regeneration.
5. Cowardice and fearlessness.
6. Limberness and Arthritis
7. Beak replaces Trunk and vice versa

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